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So, you’ve got wipes covered ? but what about everything else you’ll need to create a natural nursery for your sweet baby’s arrival? If you’re anything like me, this can be an overwhelming question. I remember preparing for my firstborn a little bit like a deer in the headlights. I knew the kind of products I wanted to welcome him with but didn’t know where to find them or which companies to trust.

Six years and lots (and lots) of research later, I want to share tips for shopping as well as our natural nursery favorites.





Your baby will spend so much time resting during those early months and years, so choosing the right mattress is key! You’ll want to look for something free of flame retardants, foams, springs, and synthetic waterproofing.

Here are our faves:

Throw Rug

Is a nursery really complete without a cute rug?! Seriously though, it’s for more than just decor–babies spend a lot of time on the floor–like while listening to you read books, finding their toes, or tummy time!

Many rugs are made with synthetic fibers and treatments, so you’ll want to read tags and stick with natural fibers like wool or cotton or sustainable recycled fibers. When it comes to no-slip mats, natural rubber is a great option so long as no one has allergies.

Here’s an article that lists the top non-toxic and ethically made rug options.


Bedding is another category of baby goods that will spend a lot of time near your little one. Look for ethically and sustainably made natural fibers and avoid fuzzy materials made with polyester or other synthetic fibers.

Finding materials with a GOTS or OEKO-TEX certification are helpful guidelines to ensure that the fabrics are the safest they can be!

There are lots of options out there, but sharing just a couple favorites, Coyuchi is a premium brand that offers GOTS crib sheet options, and Target has a wide array of affordable OKEO-TEX certified natural textiles, including crib sheets!


Ok, so we talked bedding, but what about the crib itself? Many large pieces of furniture, like cribs, are made with particleboard, glues, and paints that may contain VOCs. Finding cribs made with solid wood and little to no glues or paints. If the company uses paint and glue, look for water-based, earth-friendly, and non-toxic versions! Being GreenGaurd Certified is an easy way to make sure you’re getting a safe buy.

Here are our faves:

Glider / Rocker

A cozy rocking chair or gentle glider is the perfect place to nurse and comfort baby–but what are they made of? Like cribs, they can have particleboard, glues, and paints. The fabrics and finishes on the chair can also become a concern, so be sure to read labels and gather info (as always!).

Here are our faves:

That wraps up our top five natural nursery must-haves. May your baby’s space be filled with love and joy, and free of everything else

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