Earth-Friendly personal care products & dry wipes for the best health of our skin, our microbiome (good bacteria) & our planet!


Eco Balance Cleansers

EcoBalance Cleansers

Eco-friendly Wipes

Eco-Friendly Wipes

Biome Buddy

Biome Buddy Serum

Package Protection

Package Protection

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Our patent-pending EcoBalance Cleansers uniquely –
Cleanse, Deodorize, Moisturize & Optimize Healthy Surface Bacteria

✓ Right pH   ✓ Right Salt Balance* ✓ Right Ingredients   ✓ Eco-friendly Packaging™

About Wild & Pure Dry Wipes

Our patent-pending formulas are inspired by the botanical ingredients from the forests on our Wild & Pure ranch. Our EcoBalance CleansersTM are crafted in small-batches at our women-owned company.

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Our Ecobalance Cleansers, Skin Care Products, and Dry & Cloth Wipes provide you and your family with the most mild, and environmentally-safe, personal care system available (we guarantee it)!

It’s easy to live more sustainably with our biodegradable, non-irritating, and refillable hygiene products for bodies of all ages, from faces to below-the-belt and diaper care. Plus our cleansers and serum are small-batch crafted in Idaho and free from HEL-list ingredients that harm waterways, AND our Natural Version is EWG Verified™.


We are outdoor folks, with a commitment to products that are safe for outdoor adventurists, and families – from infants to elders. In our lives we use the Wild & Pure cleansers and cotton dry wipes to replace paper towels, and as wet wipes for travel, personal, toilet and baby care, and the mini wipes for small cleanup, like face and wound care. Plus we love that often these wipes can be washed and reused for sustainable personal, house and barn care.

From our family to yours – Drs. E & C

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What Wild & Pure Reviewers Are Saying

Naturally clean!

The cleanser mist is amazing! Such a refreshing scent and a naturally clean feeling after washing. You will fall in love with the cleanser the first time you try it.

The dry wipes I take with me to dry my hands after washing. I know that the wipes are clean, natural, and not rough on the skin.

I highly recommend both products from a reputable Earth loving company!!

No more “razor burn”

I have always had sensitive skin and found it difficult to shave, with red marks on my face afterwards. Now I use Wild & Pure products before and after shaving. First, I use the Package Protection foam to cleanse my face and rinse with cold water. Then I use two pumps of the Biome Buddy gel to moisturize my face. Upon implementing this into my shaving routine I have not gotten any reactions to shaving (no “razor burn”) and my skin feels very soft!

Confidence Boost

I love these products and have used them for a year now. They are great if I’m camping, working in the garden or for every day use. I love the confidence it gives me having a healthy and safe product to use.

Great Natural Products

As an older adult swimmer, I am always on the search for something to help my dry face. I tried the Biome Buddy Face and Body Serum. What a difference it has made! I just ordered my second bottle and will continue to use it from here on out. I appreciate all of the products that they make with the commitment to bring their consumers the most natural and pure items available. I love the natural packaging and the care that is put into each order. Great customer service and great products.

EWG Logo

Our Natural EcoCleanser** is EWG VERIFIED™. EWG VERIFIED™ recognizes products that meet EWG’s strictest standards for your health. This means none of EWG’s chemicals of concern. This means full ingredient transparency. The EWG VERIFIED™ criteria are grounded in decades of research on chemical safety, and scientific evidence about the impacts toxic chemical exposures. EWG’s scientists work with companies to create healthier, safer products, free from known chemicals of concern, so the consumer can trust the product they’re using has been verified for safety.

EWG Features

Our cleansers’ unique formulas aren’t just for cleansing! Their mild balance and antioxidant ingredients make them ideal for soothing dry, irritated surfaces anywhere:
– As an aftershave – For chaffing relief – To clean eyelids or lashes
– For increased comfort from runny noses or healing skin.

EcoBalance Cleansers’ formulas includes antioxidant fir oils and trace minerals that improve the growth of healthy bacteria in clinical studies, while being mild enough for everyday use even in babies, elder-care and wound washing. (How to use)

Many of us grew up loving the flexible-use, fun Dr. Bronner’s All-One® Castile Soap! However, this product has a very high pH and salt level (pH 2-fold & salt 5-fold natural levels) that isn’t ideal for surface ecosystems. Wild & Pure salutes the all-purpose, people and planet-oriented approach of this pioneering product – that offered a range of solutions in one bottle. EcoBalance Cleansers use emerging science for a next-generation “One Wash to Clean Them All” product.


Check out the How To Use page for more great ways to use EcoBalance Cleansers.

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Check out What’s NEW!

Check out What’s NEW!

NEW! Simple Set $10.99 Discrete, travel-size and refillable EcoBalance Cleanser Mist for easy on-the-go ...

Dr. Bronner’s All-One!® is a registered mark of All One God Faith, Inc., Escondido, CA

* osmolality ** EWG Verified as Wouche Away Natural, changing to our new Wild & Pure name over the next few months