Meet our new Earth-Friendly Team = Wild & Pure Wipes + Wouche Away Cleanser Save 10%

Help us celebrate that the Wild & Pure® Earth-Friendly Wipes are now part of our Wouche Away® Total Body Cleanser family!

Together, these products offer the most mild, and environmentally-safe, personal care system available (we guarantee it)!

Using Wouche Away with Wild & Pure Dry Wipes makes it easy and cost-effective to switch away from polluting wet wipes, to a refill system with wipes that can be gently washed and reused.

Need more reason to make the switch? Learn new data on how harmful wet wipes are to our planet and why the United Nations is drafting treaties to reduce microplastic pollution, including that from plastic sheet wet wipes.

Join us in Our Mission: to rapidly empower each of us to stop using harmful wet wipes, for improved health of ourselves and our earth.

If you have used Wild & Pure Wipes before, you know how soft, thick and absorbent they are (best ever for nose-blowing)! We love that the unbleached cotton is mechanically sorted (versus chemically), and that the wipes are made in the USA, to decrease shipping impacts.

Wild & Pure wipes

Wild & Pure Wipes are 10% off through January 15!


We are outdoor folks, with a commitment to products that are safe for outdoor adventurists and families. In our lives, we use the Wild & Pure wipes to replace paper towels, as wet wipes for travel, personal, toilet and baby care, and the minis for small cleanup, like face and wound care. And we love that many times these wipes can be washed and reused for sustainable personal, house and barn care.

Use coupon code Together23 to Save 10% and receive free shipping on Wouche Away and all our companion products through Jan 15th!

From our family to yours-
Drs. E & C

Dr C & Dr E on a trail ride