NEW! Simple Set



Discrete, travel-size and refillable EcoBalance Cleanser Mist for easy on-the-go clean-up and freshen. No rinse needed! Refillable with our 18 Fl Oz refill.

Paired with our Wild & Pure Mini Wipes that work great for in-the-car finger and face clean up, polish removal, snotty nose wiping & facial care.

Black Mesh Ditty Bag with a Toggle Drawstring
0.9 Oz Wild & Pure EcoBalance Cleanser EWG Verified Mist
1 30-ct roll Wild & Pure Biodegradable Dry Mini-Wipes, machine washable & dryable a few times

What Reviewers Are Saying

The right stuff!

After using this cleanser for months, I finally subscribed for the refills rather than almost running out and having to order. Why did I wait so long when I love this stuff? Starting with the spray and adding the foam bottle, I now have it handy everywhere I might need it. Spray for wipes, foam for everything else. Thank you so much!


I have been using Wild and Pure for many years now, and I can honestly say I’ve never been so amazed by a product. Not sure if you have ever watch the movie, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, but, the way the dad feels about windex is how I feel about Wild and Pure. Truly. You probably think I’m exaggerating, but I’m not. You have acne? Wild and Pure. Have a rash? Wild and Pure. Backpacking and got sap on your hands from the trees you’re hammocking in? Wild and Pure. Have an infection in private areas? Wild and Pure. Need some Deodorant? Wild and Pure. Need some hair gel for those curls of your? wild and Pure’s Biome Buddy serum. I’m am not lying people – Wild and Pure is life changing and I am SO grateful for it. i have only one warning: you will fall in LOVE with these products and voluntarily become a spokesperson for Wild and Pure. Ladies and Gents it’s time to stop using products that strip away your good bacteria and time to use Wild and Pure for EVERYTHING. It will INDEED change your life for the better !!

A Blessed Relief

I am honestly so grateful to this product. I have been blessed with temperamental skin that does not take kindly to most skin care products. Since high school, I have tried and continually failed to find a cleanser that does not aggravate my skin. The Sensitive EcoBalance cleanser has indeed been my blessed relief. It has served as my sole facial and body cleanser for almost two years, and my skin has never been happier! It is simple to use and extremely versatile. I have taken it camping, to the beach, on road trips, and airplanes. The absolute joy of having a simple face routine that works excellently makes my mornings and evenings far more relaxing. After spending a near fortune on my body’s health, the affordable nature and stunning performance of this multifaceted product can not be lauded enough. Wild and Pure, I am glad to boast in your quality – thank you, thank you for your true ingenuity!!!
-Sarah G.

It’s the only body cleaner we’ve used for several years

If you haven’t tried these products, you will be so happy once you do! We love wild and pure in our home. It’s at every sink and shower, used as a body cleanser. It’s in the diaper tub for the best baby wipes imaginable! It’s in our cars for an emergency cleanser when on the go. My whole family is hooked by the gentle, light smelling cleanser that keeps our skin moist and rash free. This product is a keeper!