Wild & Pure DRY WIPES

Wild & Pure DRY WIPES

Our Dry Wipes are a reusable, compostable, additive-free alternative to
the traditional plastic baby wipe and disposable towelette. Their uses are
infinite, from baby to beauty and any mess in between.

THE nitty gritty


Made with 50% repurposed cotton clothing scrap, and 50% unbleached USA grown cotton, our thick, soft, and washable 100% cotton wipes are perfect for all of life’s messes and adventures.

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Because they are dry, they are completely free of all synthetic chemicals, preservatives, and irritants. You choose exactly what to wet them with, and exactly what touches you and your baby’s skin.



Being dry also allows us to offer them in reusable (and washable!) packaging, eliminating plastic waste from the entire process. P.S. did you know that most wipes are MADE of plastic. I know, crazy right?



Not only are our wipes made with repurposed material, but they can be reused, too! Wash your wipes in the machine at least once (we suggest a gentle cycle) or by hand at least 3-5 times! Just rinse with soap and hang dry.

the Wild & Pure Dry Wipes Difference


  • While most wipes are MADE of plastic, our wipes are completely PLASTIC-FREE.
  • Our wipes are backyard biodegradable, with no industrial compost necessary.
  • You can wash and re-use the dry wipes up to five times!
  • We use soft, thick, and luxurious cotton, which requires minimal processing – Learn More .
  • We don’t use any parabens, solvents, acids, or preservatives.
  • You can use the Wild and Pure Wipes wet or dry (they make great hankies!)
  • They are about 10% larger than the average wipe.
  • Because they aren’t overly saturated upon arrival, they absorb more mess with less waste (you can clean a blowout with just one wipe!)