How to Use

Apply Mist or Foam directly on skin, disposable dry wipes, wash clothes, or toilet paper for a quick-drying, leave-on cleanse and freshen. Or spray all over as a soapless shower gel to hydrate and support healthy surfaces and their good bacteria. Read more in our Uses Brochure.

Love the refreshing cleanse but want more foam than our EcoBalance Cleanser has? Try our new Package Protection Lubricating Cleanser!


Campers, horsemen, backpackers, mountain climbers, boaters, bikers, hunters, fishermen…pack our EcoBalance Cleanser with organic cotton disposable dry wipes and reusable flannel wipes for …

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LNT waste management. Our product contains none of the HEL List for best backcountry & ocean safety. 


Apply on dry or reusable wipes for a quick clean-up to reduce unwanted odor & restore healthy pH. Refresh! Reset!

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Mist or foam Wouche Away on to a dry or reusable / washable wipe for a quick cleansing and refresh of the face, under arms, and below the belt, to reduce odors and irritation from sitting, sweating and poor-quality, drying TP encountered on the go. No Rinse Needed!


EcoBalance Cleanser provides mild moisture and fresh cleansing to remove oils & grease, dirt, or makeup. Apply by hand or using our Dr E tested and recommended dry wipes or quick-drying clothes…

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To wash hands, wet under water, pump foam onto hands, rub in, and rinse. Remove grime and make-up from the face by placing foam on a dry or reusable round for a mild refresh. As an after-shave to prevent razor irritation, dispense foam on hand and apply directly to face and neck. Soothes dryness, discomfort, sunburns & snotty noses.


EcoBalance Cleanser works great as a non-drying, soap-less shower cleanser. Simply get wet all over. Step out of the water or turn it off…

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mist all over with EcoBalance Cleanser and massage into skin by hand, then do a quick rinse. No water? No problem! A quick wipe-down of the face, underarms, and below the belt with EcoBalance Cleanser on a dry or reusable wipe provides instant freshness.


EcoBalance Cleanser reduces unwanted odors & restores healthy pH before or after work, exercise or intimacy. Refresh! Reset! Apply EcoBalance Cleanser by itself…

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on to a dry or reusable / washable wipe for a quick cleansing and refresh of the face, underarms, and below the belt. Reduce odors and irritation from sitting, sweating, and being on the go. No Rinse Needed!


Easy, cost-effective and NOT GROSS. Best for you, your wallet & our planet. Our EcoBalance Cleanser sustainable systems make it easy to replace pre-moistened wet wipes.

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Keep EcoBalance Cleanser in the refillable 16 oz mist or 8 oz foam pump next to your TP or your choice of wipes (dry or reusable). Place 2 pumps of foam or mist EcoBalance Cleanser on the TP or wipe and clean everything down front to back. This delivers prebiotic, moisturizing care while cleaning and freshening. Repeat as needed.


EcoBalance Cleanser Sensitive is a patent-pending, revolutionarily gentle formula – free of common allergens & irritants in wet wipes & handmade soaps. Our novel diaper care system offers a less irritating and more sustainable approach than using wet wipes or handmade soaps.

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Skin allergies and rashes associated with wet wipe and hand-soap use on babies can link to life-long allergies. In fact, MOST wet wipes are made from spun plastics that don’t degrade well and result in harmful microplastics in our waterways. ANY wet wipes (even those that are “natural” “water-based” and/or “organic”) require high levels of preservatives and/or irritating ingredients to keep bacteria from growing in the package once it is open. Published data show that diaper rash isn’t a sign of bad caregiving, but is actually more common in babies with more wet-wipe use during changing. This is because about 20% of the solution in a wet wipe stays behind on baby’s skin. And most of these wipes don’t have the pH and salt levels to match human surfaces. New guidelines recommend using acidic or low pH cleansing diaper care products during changes to support healthy skin bacteria. Dermatology guidelines list common allergens to avoid in everyday skin contact, including many irritating ingredients that are common in baby wipes and handmade soaps such as benzalkonium chloride, glycerin, citric acid, & cocamidopropyl betaine (

How to Use EcoBalance Cleanser Sensitive for diaper changing and wet wipe replacement:

  • First mist EcoBalance Cleanser Sensitive across baby’s dirty bottom and diaper area. Pump the mist across waste, poo and all!
  • Use a folded dry wipe or cloth to wipe off mess. We love the Nest Design or Wild & Pure organic disposable dry cotton wipes and Green Little Nest reusable flannel cloth wipes (samples included).
  • Mist baby again, focusing on any messy cracks and folds, and remove remaining mess with a different clean corner of the same wipe or a new dry or cloth wipe.
  • Finish with a final soothing, leave-on EcoBalance Cleanser Sensitive spritz over baby’s bottom.


EcoBalance Cleanser’s non-stinging, fresh smellings formulas makes it ideal for use in pet grooming or animal care. Spray on to a disposable dry wipe or cloth to clean out ears and remove drainage around the eyes…

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Use EcoBalance Cleanser with a microfiber mitt for a quick freshen and odor removal wipe down to clean dogs, cats, bunnies, chickens, horses, cows… you name it! Clean eyes and nose, no sting. Wipe down coats for a shine & freshen with easy grime and odor removal.


Our surface skin and sensitive mucosal tissues are our body’s initial protection against harmful germs and a loss of balance in healthy pH and salts in the inner body. These protective barriers consist of our tissue cells, the beneficial (good-guy)…Read more

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Globally, we spend $56 billion each year on personal care products to clean, groom and protect our bodies. Advertising has effectively taught us we need different products for each part of our body and at each stage of life. The byproduct of this style of consumption is an inordinate amount of consumer waste…waste that is currently overwhelming our planet…Read more


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