5 Reasons to Subscribe for Refills

Your EcoBalance Cleansers are already the most mild and environmentally-safe personal care system available. You’re living more sustainably with our biodegradable, non-irritating hygiene products.

But when you subscribe to refills you can do even more!

  1. Reuse. Don’t recycle that glass bottle yet. Hold on to it and reuse it for up to a year! We recommend swapping out your foam and mist dispensers once a year. Until then, you can keep refilling it from the 18oz refill.
  2. Reduce Purchases. Our large mist and foam dispensers hold 8 ounces of EcoBalance Cleanser. Our on-the-go dispensers hold 1 to 1.7 ounces. That means you can get two full refills on our largest dispenser plus two travel refills from each 18-ounce refill instead of replacing four dispensers!
  3. Reduce Waste. We have searched out and are constantly updating our packaging to reduce empty space shipping and components. Our refill bottles are sized to make the most of our shipping boxes so there’s no wasted space. We also use vela.eco parchment paper wrappers.
  4. Recycle. Our HDPE plastic refill bottles are recyclable. You’ll recycle fewer containers when you use them to refill the glass dispensers. Also these use a pharmaceutical grade quality plastic so there isn’t the plastic chemical contamination that occurs with PET plastics enclosures.
  5. Simplify. You can set up subscription refills to auto ship as often as you need them. No more worries about running out or forgetting to order! You can easily skip or pause your subscription whenever you need to.



We’ve added the option to include a plastic trigger sprayer with your EcoBalance Cleanser Refill order. Just like the funnel, this is a FREE item to help you use your refill how you want to. Now you can mist cleanser right from the 18 oz refill bottle!

Happy as a pig in mud!

Mud baths can protect pigs from sunburn. But when he did get a sunburn in the past, we used soothing EcoBalance Cleanser foam to give him some relief. For now, though, his sensitive skin is protected with mud!