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From all the moms in our family (30-87 yrs old) that use Wild & Pure for themselves, their kids and grandkids – to you or your mom!

This is the same great set used by Dr. E, our kids and grandkids, and Dr. E’s mom at 87!

One product to cleanse, deodorize, moisturize and optimize healthy surface bacteria anywhere across the face or body.


  • A canvas carry-sack with our 30-count unbleached cotton dry wipes – washable and reusable!
  • A 4 oz Mist EWG Verified Natural EcoBalance Cleanser (Refillable).
  • A bedazzled hair tie that can double to hold the cleansing set together for on-the-go use or travel.

Packed in eco-friendly packaging direct from our award-winning, women-owned company, and small batch-crafted, for you to be proud to have her open on Mother’s Day!

Order by May 5 for Mother’s Day delivery.

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We just LOVED this inspiration board from @rochellesernathe Graphic Artist AND Inventor of our Wild & Pure Earth-Friendly Dry Wipes.

Mood BoardRochelle’s intuitive design expertise came through in everything we love about the Wild & Pure wipes!

  • As a mom she learned what we have known as scientists, that ALL wet wipes have some type of preservative in them that harms healthy bacteria, even if this is naturally based.  This makes dry wipes, with a cleanser applied as needed, a far more healthy solution.
  • She designed her wipes to be the MOST absorbent out there and to hold up during a few machine washes. Amazing!
  • And she chose American cotton growers and manufacturers to decrease the footprint for getting our wipes to families like yours.

When we launched our EcoBalance Cleansers during the pandemic, we tested hundreds of dry and cloth wipes to find our favorite. We loved Rochelle’s Wild & Pure Wipes so much we asked her to sell her brand to us!

We guarantee you will love them too!

Dry Wipes Q&A

Q. Is there a significant difference in performance or durability between the organic Nest dry wipes and the Wild & Pure roll dry wipes?  I prefer the organic but these will be used mostly for adults and children, so I am curious if the durability and functionality will be suitable with the organic option.  Any more advice will be greatly appreciated!


A. We carry both types of dry wipes because they are quite different, and we use them both at our ranch as well as our kids using both for different grandkid activities.

The Nest Design Unbleached Organic Cotton Wipes are very soft. They aren’t quite as absorbent as the Wild & Pure Roll Cotton Wipes. These are ideal for newborn, fragile skin. We also use these for outdoor adventure potty, as they compact for easy LNT pack out. A lot of folks love these to carry in purses or on the go. They are more like a classic thicker Toilet paper, if you want to wipe off for toileting with our Cleanser and throw them away (not flush). I  rinse these by hand once after light use (urine clean up or face washing) and line dry for reuse. They are made in China but through a well traced supply line.

The Wild & Pure Dry Wipes are made in the USA from 50% virgin repurposed cloth and 50% mechanically sorted- unbleached US cotton. They are VERY very absorbent. I prefer these for older babies and toddler poo diapers and for elder care. We use them as our paper towels at home and for wash-cloths on the go. They can be machine washed and dried a few times easily. They are my favorite for travel wash-up, use in the car, and at the barn, as they can also be rinsed out and line dried or tossed.

Both types are easily biodegradable.

Another option we have are the GOTS printed flannel 4×5 cloth wipes. This is what I use for bathroom wiping (with my bidet). These can be washed and rinsed hundreds of times. I have had mine for over two years. They are perfect as every-day quick-dry wash clothes. And are a staple (the only clothes) in our bathroom. We also take them traveling and camping b.c they dry so quickly. I rinse them when backcountry, and hang them on tree branches or my backpack to dry.

So in short, I like organic cotton-based products too…but the main issues with non-organic cotton products are lack of sustainability, and chemicals in processing and bleaching. Our Wild & Pure wipes avoid these major issues. We also bought this brand because I REALLY like that the dry wipes are made in the USA. Shipping such bulky items across oceans isn’t the best!

Dr. E

New User Reviews

So versatile

These clothes are great. I use them for cleaning up my kids after meals. I have also used them to clean cuts. They are very soft and dry fast. I just rinse and hang them to dry. They would be perfect as washcloths in the bath tub or as a substitute for disposable wipes. They are double layered and have such cute patterns too!
-Jessica S.

EcoBalance Cleanser Mist & Dry Wipes Travel SetI absolutely love using the Wouche Away All-In-One Cleanser which provides a glorious woody spearmint scent. The dry wipes are quite impressive by offering a larger size with unbelievable superior quality. I really appreciated the durability of the dry wipes due to the reuseability therefore producing less waste. I not only enjoy using these products but knowing I’m doing my part by choosing more natural products, makes them extra special.