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Let’s talk about natural beauty care.

Did you know that 1300+ ingredients are banned for use in cosmetics in the EU?

Do you know how many are banned in the United States?


According to the FDA, only 11 ingredients are banned for use in cosmetics. ?

At Wild & Pure, we believe that you deserve to feel safe and comfortable when buying products that you use on your body every. single. day.

So, we’ve compiled a list of our absolute favorite natural and sustainable makeup, skincare, and beauty routine must-haves.


MAKEUP Brands we love

There are a lot of makeup brands out there, but we’re sharing our few favorites — as well as some fan faves — to get you started. While we love natural, we love safe even more. Sometimes the two dance together perfectly, and sometimes they don’t! When a product isn’t properly sourced or tested, even when completely natural, it can contain contaminants like heavy metals, for example. Just something to be aware of when searching for makeup!

Here are our favorites:


ILIA Beauty

With safe ingredients and a wide range of colors, we love this clean and inclusive makeup brand! Our founder’s makeup bag is filled with ILIA goodies, but she particularly loves their Super Serum Skin Tint SPF 40, Limitless Lash Mascara, and Soft Focus Finishing Powder.

100% Pure

Another great option for simple ingredients and effective coverage, 100% Pure offers much more than makeup! You can find everything from skin serums to bath salts. They pride themselves on using plant-based and minimal ingredients in all of their products. 


If you haven’t heard about Beautycounter (they’re everywhere!), they’re worth looking into. They get some flack for being an MLM, their foundations are strong (pun intended) with a commitment not only to the cleanest, safest products possible but to changing the legislation so that all makeup/skincare can one day be the safest it can be. 

Earth Mama Organics

While they are not a makeup company, hear me out…their tinted sunscreens are AMAZING! I use their Medium/Dark Lady Face Mineral Sunscreen Stick as a bronzer, and have heard of it being used to contour, too!

Those four are our personal faves, but some other well-loved clean makeup brands to check out are Crunchi, Juice Beauty, Dime, and RMS.


Up-Level your Skincare Routine

Thanks to demand and relatively low starting costs, you can find local and natural small shop skincare companies all over the place; from Etsy to your local farmers market. That being said, just as in our makeup category, skincare formulas are a science, and knowing how all of the ingredients work together is pretty important. Many very small companies don’t go through the same testing processes as the larger ones do and may become contaminated more easily if they lack proper preservation. This isn’t to turn you away from small shops, but just to make you aware! We’ve got both small and large-scale companies on our list.


Primally Pure

We couldn’t start this list with anyone else. Primally Pure is one of our biggest brand inspos! Started in their farmhouse kitchen, it has been so incredible to watch this committed company grow! They offer the absolute best deoderants (heyyy Blue Tansy) and fancy face serums, masks, balms, and men’s and baby lines!

Pleni naturals

We love Pleni! They are Made-Safe Certified, naturally sourced, and offer super fun and luxurious products. Our founder loves and uses their Kids Apple + Broccoli Hair and Body Wash, and we’re keeping our eye on their ever-expanding catalog. 

Beauty Counter

As the queens of testing, we couldn’t leave Beautycounter off the list. They make no claims to be all-natural, but they’ve stolen the market on “safe” and we love that about them. Our founder particularly loves their Glow Cleansing Balm and Overnight Resurfacing Peel.

Lila naturals

A good company run by good people, Lila Naturals offers soaps, oils, masks, mists, butters and balms  — it’s a whole lot of fun over there!

Wipe + wash Soap Concentrate

If you’re looking for a simple soap based in organic oils and moisturizing butters, fairly sourced and tested — our Wipe + Wash Soap Concnetrate is a great option. Make this creamy blend into baby wash, body wash, or face wash!


Osea is a well loved bigger player on the list. Started right here in Los Angeles by a mother-daughter duo, this sea inspired skincare brand offer cleansers, serums, milks, and more, all in beautiful glass packaging. 


We love ACURE for making better skin and hair products that are SO easy to get ahold of. You can find them everywhere from Sprouts to Target, and they’ve got a huge catalog of product offerings. As for everything you buy, just flip to the label and peek for whichever product you’re getting to make sure it meets your needs and doesn’t contain anything you don’t love.


Tools of the Trade

Every good makeup bag and skincare routine needs a few extra tools! 


Wild & Pure Wipes

It’s no secret that these are our absolute fave natural beauty sidekick. Whether washing faces, scrubbing smudges, or cleaning brushes, these wipes comes in handy! Use the whole wipe for a full face clean, or cut them into quarters to use as a “cotton round”.

Gua Sha Stone

This handy little tool is great for helping to move lymph, calm the nervous system and release tension. It can also help with puffiness, wrinkles and detoxification!

Tip: Face Exfoliation

We wanted to leave you with one our our founders favorite natural skincare tips — using your hands to exfoliate your face and body. There are so many scrubs, peels, and exfoliants out there, and they are great! But try this — gently rub your hands in a circular motion around your face in the shower. You should begin to feel dead sin will begin ball up. Once you’re done, use your facial cleanser or soap to help rinse the skin off. Feel your smooth skin — it’s amazing! This works for other parts of the body, too!

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