Patent-pending, microbiome-friendly cleanser offers irritation-free, environmentally sustainable wet-wipe replacement for use across the body and all age groups

Post Falls, ID (September 30, 2021) – “Wouche Away™” (pronounced “whoosh”), a total body cleanser that supports human tissues and their good bacteria as well as users’ sustainable toxin- and plastic-free lifestyles, has been selected as a 2021 finalist for the Idaho Innovation Award’s Consumer Product of the Year.

Existing wet wipes, washes and cleansers are not balanced to human tissues and can strip away protective hydrating-acidic secretions and healthy bacteria that cover the human body. This loss leads to itching, burning, dryness and stinging, and an overgrowth of bad bacteria associated with disease (such as acne, diaper rash, vaginal infections, rectal dermatitis and even cancers).

Wouche Away can be used in place of any regular cleanser for body, face, and hand washing, or with dry wipes and/or toilet paper as a no-rinse cleanser during facial care, diaper care, feminine (and guy) hygiene, and toilet care. Its novel technology (covered by pending U.S. and International patents) optimizes human surface ecosystem balance for cleansing and freshening from the face on down, including proprietary prebiotic support of healthy bacteria (the “microbiome”). Its ground-breaking approach incorporates state-of-the-art science regarding how human surface cells (skin and mucosa) work in tandem with good bacteria to help prevent disease.

Wouche Away is the first consumer product by Glyciome™ (a women-owned LLC). It was developed, and is manufactured, in Glyciome facilities at the University of Idaho Research Park (Post Falls, Idaho).

“We are ecstatic to be chosen as a finalist for the 2021 Idaho Consumer Product of the Year,” said Glyciome Chief Executive Officer and Wouche Away co-inventor Dr. Joanna Ellington. “Wouche Away is a first-to-market product to reduce irritation and imbalance from over-cleansing, while meeting the need to feel fresh, especially in groups with high product use such as babies, women with chronic infections, and elders with incontinence. Studies show that use of current wet wipes and cleansers increases risk of vaginal and urinary tract infections in women three-fold, and parents who most frequently use wet wipes have babies with the highest rates of diaper rash.”

Glyciome’s Chief Operating Officer GD Clifton (Doctor of Pharmacy) and another co-inventor explained this is due to current products having “harmful ingredients and formulas that aren’t matched to healthy tissues, even if labeled ‘hypo-allergenic’ or ‘natural’” and that “most cleansers and wipes are regulated as ‘cosmetics’ with limited FDA oversite and testing.”

Although initially developed to optimize intimate (vaginal, urogenital, and rectal) health, within months of the June 2021 Wouche Away launch, users made it clear that the product was ideal for non-irritating cleansing all over. In response, Wouche Away is currently rebranding as “Safe care for the good guys,” referring to the 40 trillion+ good bacteria on human surfaces. Wouche Away can be purchased online at or Amazon, and in regional Spokane and Coeur d’Alene retail locations.

Glyciome is based in the Spokane and Coeur d’Alene Inland Northwest, founded by the inventors and developers of Pre-Seed® Fertility Lubricant, who have been working in safer personal care product development for two decades. It is creating first-in-class personal and urogenital care products to help diagnose and prevent common irritation, infections and inflammation that increase risks of pelvic floor disorders, pregnancy complications, sexually transmitted diseases, infertility, cancers (e.g., cervical cancer, penile cancer) and more.

Glyciome was recently awarded a National Cancer Institute Small Business Transfer Technology Program award for an early stage cervical cancer prevention gel with gel testing collaboration including faculty from Harvard University and the University of Puerto Rico.

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