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Did you know that a newborn baby’s top layer of skin is up to 30% thinner than an adults? The delicate structures of their new skin also make it more prone to dryness and rashes. At Wild and Pure, we honor that sweet skin by making newborn baby wipes gentle and versatile enough for all of their diapering needs!

Our Dry Wipes are:
and perfect for your new baby’s skin!

Today, we’re sharing 3 ways we love to use Wild and Pure Dry Wipes as newborn baby wipes.




In the first few days postpartum you’ll become familiar with a dark, sticky, tar-like poop called meconium. It’s a healthy sign that baby is adjusting to life in their new world and can be made easier to manage with one simple tip.

When it comes to meconium, try a little food-based oil! Generously dab some olive or coconut oil onto a fresh dry wipe, and gently wipe the meconium from your baby. The oil helps to break up the sticky stool, moisturizes the skin, and helps to create a natural barrier to prevent the next batch from sticking.




When it comes to newborns, normal poop ranges from watery to pasty. Either way, it’s often much softer than it will be later in life. As for blowouts, poop can be thinner and slipperier than normal. It can spread up and over the diaper…and all over your baby.

A dry wipe will likely clean and absorb poop best, but a slightly-damp wipe may work just as well. The more saturated the wipe, the less absorbent it will be. That’s why wipes that come to you after months of sitting in solution often slip right off poopy baby buns!

You can fold your wipe into quarters and use alternating sides – including folding it inside-out – to get the most out of every wipe. If your baby still needs a good clean after the bulk of the blowout has been removed, you can give them a quick rinse in the sink or a once over with a new, freshly wet wipe.




When it comes to wiping baby after pee diapers, less is more. If they aren’t too wet, your baby may just need a little diaper-free-time and air dry. If you’re feeling like extra cleaning is in order, simply wet your dry wipe with a bit of purified water (distilled is best) and you’ll have a fresh and truly pure water wipe in seconds!

Most of the time, your newborn baby’s skin won’t need more than water. For moments when you’d like some gentle cleaning power, you can make a mild wipes solution with our Wipe + Wash Concentrate.


And that wraps up our newborn baby wipes roundup! Happy wiping ?


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