Glyciome (the maker of the patent-pending Wild & Pure® EcoBalance Cleansers) is also developing a novel approach to cervical cancer prevention, through a National Cancer Institute grant for a prebiotic vaginal gel and a related diagnostic health app.

Cervical Cancer Screening is Changing, Easy to Do & Not Just About “Risky” Lifestyles

Although cervical cancer cases and deaths have decreased in the past 50 years, about 1 in 4 women in the U.S. are now overdue for cervical cancer screening. This includes up to half of some groups of women – such as women who are uninsured, rurally located, Hispanic or Asian, or gay.

Many of these women don’t know they are due for screening and are not getting recommendations for testing from healthcare providers. Sadly, this is occurring even though there is MORE funding now to cover cervical cancer screens.

1 in 4 women in the U.S. are now overdue for
cervical cancer screening.

Most cervical cancer is caused by long-lasting infection with human papillomavirus (HPV), coupled with bacterial vaginal imbalances.

Recommended methods of cervical cancer screening are dramatically changing to move away from the “Pap Test” to an every 5-year HPV vaginal swab test. These guideline changes are causing confusion among patients and doctors.

The good news is that many HPV tests can be done by self-sampling, which can improve screening for women without adequate healthcare access or for those who are anxious about Pap Tests.

While some guidelines still recommend doing both the Pap Tests and HPV screens, the American Cancer Society and many other countries are moving to the 5-year HPV test alone to screen for cervical cancer. And a new study suggests that older women (ages 60-65) should also have this HPV test to reduce cancer risks.

Many HPV tests can be done by self-sampling,
which can improve screening.

Dr. Ellington (“Dr. E”), the Principal Investigator on Glyciome’s NCI grant, is concerned that too strong a stigma around HPV as a result of risky sexual behavior puts women at risk for cancer.

“I am frustrated by medical and public health reports that tie HPV-related cervical disease only to sexual activity. There are other ways that people can be infected, although fractionally less common,” Dr. E said. “This virus is in our environment, waterways and even at medical clinics. We are not helping people screen or become vaccinated if we message only about sexual contact.”

“This virus is in our environment, waterways and even at medical clinics.”

“Many women avoid screening because they feel they aren’t at risk, when we should ALL be screened as an easy and cost-effective cancer prevention strategy, separate from classic risk factors we learned about in sex-ed,” said Dr. E.

Be sure to ask your healthcare provider about doing this simple HPV swab test to catch up on your cancer prevention!


Post-Op Care with Wild & Pure

“I could feel a big difference in my skin”

Dr. E had to have surgery a little over a month ago. She is massaging in our Sensitive EcoBalance Cleanser and our Biome Buddy System Serum a few times a day and it is healing really well!

Here is what another user said about our cleanser for her post-op care:

“My sister gave me a bottle of this soap (the Sensitive EcoBalance Cleanser), I have very sensitive skin, and really didn’t think it would do anything cause I’ve tried soooo many soaps and creams. I just washed my body with it and stayed away from my cut…I could feel a big difference in my skin…the next day I decided to put it on my cut  – it took the burning and pulling out of it, wow… I love the feel of it, thank you sister for pushing me to try” –Sandee C.

Chester is a huge fan of Wild & Pure!

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