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Microplastics, Health & How To Reduce Plastic Waste

Microplastics, Health & How To Reduce Plastic Waste

Microplastics: A Public Health Concern

Wild & Pure products reduce plastic waste

Our Wild & Pure product line has been purpose-built to empower users to reduce plastic waste during personal care. Using our compostable dry cotton wipes or organic flannel wipes with a “use-as-you-go” product like our EcoBalance Cleansers reduces plastic container waste and microplastic contamination in waterways from wet wipes. 

Researchers are increasingly concerned about the presence of tiny pieces of plastic called microplastics in our oceans and how they might affect both seafood and human health. Additionally, harmful algae blooms pose risks to seafood safety. To address these pressing issues, new Oceans and Human Health Centers have been established to delve into the impacts on both the environment and people. By studying these challenges closely, scientists aim to find solutions to keep our oceans clean and seafood safe for consumption. 

One way individuals can contribute to this effort is by opting for plastic-free products, reducing the amount of plastic waste that ends up in our oceans and ultimately mitigating the potential harm to marine life and human health. By making small changes in our daily lives, we can all play a part in preserving the health of our oceans and ourselves.

Read the NIH News Release

Through July 1st, 2024, we have a matching donation program funded by your purchases supporting the Mount Rainier National Park accessibility program with Washington’s National Park Fund. Read More

Wild & Pure has committed to stop 550 lb of non-recyclable plastic from entering our oceans this year. That's equivalent to 27,500 bottles! Read the Impact Report

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Wild & Pure is a women-owned small business with rural  roots. We developed our product for our family first and foremost and love seeing it grow to our larger community and family. ♥️

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