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Based on 88 reviews
Best Serum !

I love my Biome Buddy Prebiotic Serum ❤️ I use it every morning and night in my skincare routine and there’s nothing else out there like this product. My skin feels soft , it looks more glowing , it has reduced my acne scarring and has given a more even skin tone . Definitely worth every penny will continue to order this . It’s one of holy grail skin care products!

Great for kids!

I always take a travel sized bottle of the spray or foam cleanser whenever I leave the house with my kids. My kids have sensitive skin and have gotten rashes on their face when I have used wet wipes or paper towels in the past. They have no reaction to this product so I am able wipe them down as often as I need to when they get messy on our adventures, which is very often!

Travel Foamer

I carry one of these small, light-weight, unbreakable foam containers in my purse. It comes in handy almost daily. I never travel without them. The foam can substitute for bars of soap, deodorant, shaving cream, and shampoo, which in turn lightens your suitcase or backpack. I use wild and pure for fast clean up above and below the belt after exercising, biking, hiking if I don’t have access to or time for a shower (it would be perfect for lunchtime runs while at work). I have also used wild and pure products to clean my aging cat. I sprayed it on a comb and brushed it through his hair. He felt and smelled wonderful.

Love Wild and Pure Products

I use the Biome Buddy Serum every morning after swimming. It makes my older skin feel young again. Hydrated and ready to start the day. I would recommend it to anyone. Young or old. I gave some to my bestie. And now she buys it! Even sent a Valentines gift in the recycled box. ❤️

I absolutely love this product! I went to Amazon and purchased the 18 Oz refill. Because I'm disabled it's not always easy to bathe as much as I would like. This stuff gets me clean and it's super refreshing. I use it on my face first thing in the morning too! It really does make me feel clean. I'm happy I found this product and will continue to use it. Thank you!

Hubby and I both use this daily.

I have ordered the regular Cleanser and am still delighted with that but this product has extra softness. We keep it out and use it daily- both my husband and I like this product. I also appreciate your packaging and that you send little gifts. We enjoy supporting your small business and feel appreciated by you as well.

Best hand and body cleanser ever!

I’ve used wild and pure for three years. I love, love, love it! It’s ph balanced and healthy- all safe ingredients! I highly recommend it! You won’t be disappointed!

Cute and Helpful!

I love these dry wipes! They go everywhere with us, especially because of our messy kiddos. And the canvas bag is adorable! It houses the wipes perfectly and I love that I can pull one wipe at a time out of the top! The perfect combo!

Christmas present

It's Christmas present 🎁 for family and friends.

Essential for car cleaning kit

I went on a road trip this year with a kid and a dog, and I don't want to disgust you with details but let's say there was some car sickness. Thankfully I had a brand new roll of these Wild & Pure dry wipes and a bottle of EcoBalance Cleanser. I had it along for us to clean up with, but I learned really quickly that it's also amazing at cleaning up other messes. It would have taken ROLLS of regular paper towels to clean up the messes we had, and any lingering smell could have made a chain reaction. But the combination of big, tough wipes and great smelling, powerful cleanser meant the car was spotless and smelled great. Now my car always has this duo!


Love biome buddy, &body serum, it has help me alot in healing my cut

Wonderful Calming, Balancing Cleanser

My teen daughter (who has T-zone acne) and I (middle-aged dryness and dark spots) started using the Wild & Pure Natural Cleanser foam and love it. We find that it is calming, deep cleansing (applied w/a soft wipe or cotton pad), moisturizing and doesn’t irritate sensitive skin. And because EcoBalance Cleansers are also good for deodorizing, I use some on my underarms too before applying natural deodorant and hitting the gym. Love it!


I really like the new packaging for the cleanser and pure wipes. I will be traveling south in a few weeks it’s packaged so well I just half to put it in the trailer and go 😁


I was EcoBalance Cleanser as a shampoo when I shower. I wet my hair and rub the foam in let it sit until I’ve washed then rinse it. It gives my straight short hair great volume I love it 😁

Super soft wipes - excellent for irritated/sensitive skin

Our whole family LOVES these wipes. We have used them for everything from nose-blowing for sensitive allergy sniffles to make-up removal to diaper changes for sensitive skin. Some dry wipes have a “smell” but these have no scent and the packaging makes them extremely easy to use, store, and dispose of.


I use woucheaway (now EcoBalance Cleanser) as a shampoo when I shower. I wet my hair and rub the foam in let sit until I’ve washed then rinse it. It gives my straight short hair great volume I love it 😁

The right stuff!

After using this cleanser for months, I finally subscribed for the refills rather than almost running out and having to order. Why did I wait so long when I love this stuff? Starting with the spray and adding the foam bottle, I now have it handy everywhere I might need it. Spray for wipes, foam for everything else. Thank you so much!

A Blessed Relief

I am honestly so grateful to this product. I have been blessed with temperamental skin that does not take kindly to most skin care products. Since high school, I have tried and continually failed to find a cleanser that does not aggravate my skin. The Sensitive EcoBalance cleanser has indeed been my blessed relief. It has served as my sole facial and body cleanser for almost two years, and my skin has never been happier! It is simple to use and extremely versatile. I have taken it camping, to the beach, on road trips, and airplanes. The absolute joy of having a simple face routine that works excellently makes my mornings and evenings far more relaxing. After spending a near fortune on my body's health, the affordable nature and stunning performance of this multifaceted product can not be lauded enough. Wild and Pure, I am glad to boast in your quality - thank you, thank you for your true ingenuity!!!



The best !!!

Omg I reuse the paper towels after wiping off makeup on my face, very smooth! Really good products!

Such a blessing!!!

Hi! It's been a little while since we received the free product you sent and I wanted to let you know how it went. First, it was for my elderly father-in-law, who we take care of, but still wants to do for himself. As it gets harder for him to shower everyday, we've been looking for a solution for the in between days when he just doesn't have the energy. Like a miracle, enter you and your Package Protection lubricating cleanser! He was reluctant to try at first (like everything!) but once he did, he loved it! It has made such a difference to his skin's condition, odors and his comfort! It's
made such a difference, and he actually likes to use it. It's amazing. We will be ordering more and recommend everyone to try this out! It cleans great, leaves no long lasting film and smells wonderful! Thank you so, so much!!!

A Safe and Versatile Product

I really like how clean my skin feels after using all Wild & Pure products. I bring the smaller bottles with me traveling, which helps eliminate the need for extra bottles of body lotion, other moisturizers, and even deodorant. They are great to bring camping, too! My son and daughter-in-law just introduced these products and the unbleached wipes to their baby. Wild & Pure is a long-awaited healthy alternative to the many commercial brand soaps that contain harmful ingredients.

i LOVE Package Protection® Lubricating Cleanser


EcoBalance cleanser

I love my EcoBalance cleanser. I shower with it every day. I’m going to the coast in a few weeks and it will be going with me. I like that it doesn’t dry your skin out. I also have the face serum I like the smoothness when I apply it.

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