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Body care created in harmony with nature, sensitive skin, and science for all generations.

Our EcoBalance Cleanser started as a challenge to “do better” – to make a product for personal care that didn’t harm good bacteria or cause irritation in sensitive people, such as infants, postmenopausal women, our elders and people with auto-immune diseases.

Our mission is to empower people to easily move beyond wet wipes & personal care products that harm our skin, our microbiome, and our planet – for better health.™
✓ Right pH ✓ Right salt level
✓ Right ingredients ✓ Eco-friendly packaging™

Dr. GD Clifton

COO & Pharmaceutical Scientist
Pharm D – University of Kentucky

Invented by a husband & wife team, Drs Clifton (Dr. C) and Ellington (Dr. E), with over 60 years of combined experience in wellness & pharmaceutical therapy, including inventing Pre-Seed® Fertility Lubricant. Drs C & E now have grandkids and aging parents, as well as their own healthcare journeys. With this life changes, they noticed how contemporary diaper and personal care products were causing the skin conditions they were supposed to be treating.

Dr. JE Ellington

CEO and President
PhD – Cornell University

This led to a lot of research and development by Drs. C & E at their women-owned company “Glyciome”, looking at toxicity of wet wipes, cleansers, and washes of all types (from the face on down). These studies were taken together with up-to-date science from other labs looking at healthy human surface tissues and their good bacteria. A great deal of personal home and ranch testing by the inventors and their extended family was also done, to create the novel, cutting-edge EcoBalance Cleanser formulas, intentionally crafted to “do no harm”.

“We developed the patent-pending, award-winning EcoBalance Cleanser for our own family, from babies, to toddlers, to adults with auto-immune sensitivity or allergies, to gentle aging skin-care in the great-grands. Now, our many users keep finding new uses! It really is “one wash to clean them all”! Dr. E

Glyciome’s guiding principle is to help everyone, everywhere “Keep It Clean – Use Less – Be Fresh™”, by reducing the use of toxic personal care products, preservative-soaked wet wipes, and environmental-crushing TP that link to irritation, chemical residues, and diseases.

EcoBalance Cleanser is carefully crafted in small-batches in our University of Idaho Research Park Laboratory. We are proud to make this product in the USA and choose American components whenever possible.

Learn more about our ongoing research in cancer prevention and genital health: