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About Glyciome®

Glyciome is a biomedical company creating first-in-class personal and urogenital care drugs and devices to diagnose, prevent and treat common infections and inflammatory diseases. Glyciome has a patent-pending pipeline of products in BV diagnosis (nanosensor) and therapeutics. Our founders have a unique, established understanding of topical gel impact on vaginal physiology allowing us to develop products with unparalleled user tolerance and safety. 

Our Mission

Glyciome is developing drugs and devices that will change genital care paradigms, in the clinic and at home. The products launched by our women-owned biomedical startup will reduce common genital bacterial infections that double the risk of costly diseases, such as preterm birth, human papillomavirus, and genital cancers (cervical, ovarian, and penile). Our patent portfolio uniquely leverages cutting-edge science in metabolomics and nanosensor-technology with our Founders’ established, human-centered product commercialization approach, to meet the demands of the $26B/yr global “personal” healthcare market.

Our proprietary product pipeline includes

Now Available:

Wild & Pure® EcoBalance Cleanser

Our first Direct-to-Consumer launch, formerly Wouche Away®, is a prebiotic, total-body cleanser. This product was chosen as Idaho’s Top Innovative Consumer Product (2021),  and recently passed a rigorous consumer discovery process resulting in a 2023 rebranding as Wild & Pure® EcoBalance Cleanser.

The Biome Buddy System® Prebiotic Hydrating Serum

Package Protection® Revolutionary Lubricating Cleanser for men

Under Development in our Lab:

Prebiogyn® Cervical Cancer Prevention Prebiotic

Our current NCI-funded Phase 1 STTR and ICORP project is developing a prebiotic vaginal gel to treat vaginal infections and prevent cervical cancer for women in low-resource settings. Findings have been presented at the 2022 Annual Symposium on Global Cancer Research https://ascopubs.org/toc/go/8/Supplement_1, with new data accepted for publication (2023 Annual Symposium on Global Cancer Research) “Regional College Women in the United States (U.S.) Report Low Health Literacy Regarding Basic Genital Biology and Cervical Cancer Risk Factors.”


Our early-stage nanosensor-based, multiplexing diagnostic device (with University of Pittsburgh faculty) is being designed as a contextual eHealth app for patient self-sampling to detect changes in vaginal biomarkers and user-reported symptoms that occur with common vaginal infections (impacting at least 20 million Americans). Initial proof-of-concept for this approach was published in 2022 (doi: 10.1021/acs.analchem.1c04755).

Bioma® Optimized Male Urogenital Care

Glyciome is converging know-how from our experienced team with critical, recent technology advancements to create a robust platform of products that cross regulatory classifications, product launch time-frames, and medical needs.