build a vision board

How to build a vision board, so on-trend lately right?

Here’s the thing, they’re on trend for a reason. Vision boards help us to tell our bodies, minds, and the universe that we are ready for what we want.

You see, our minds can’t tell the difference between a real and imagined experience. So creating a vision board–and allowing ourselves to mentally immerse into those visions–can have a profound effect on our actions and their outcomes.

If you see yourself as unworthy, for example, you will carry out actions from that place. You may always be just inches away from what you want because deep down you don’t align with it.

But, what if you tried worthiness on for size? What if, for just a moment, you stepped into the shoes of the most worthy, light-filled being you could imagine. How would you feel? What could you do? What ideas would come flowing to someone who was worthy of receiving them?

Hint-hint, you ARE that worthy.

The programming of our world and our sneaky inner-voices often get in the way of realizing our fullest potential. And while it’s only a small step forward, a vision board can be the beginning of getting out of our own way and stepping into our power.

One of my good friends, Emily Wilcox, just recorded a great video about how this very principle applies to businessIt’s worth a watch.




So, why build a vision board at the beginning of the year?

Personally, although it’s just a date on the calendar, I see the turn of the year as a fresh opportunity. It’s an astrological reset and I like to take full advantage of it. It’s also a great time to look back on previous goals and visions and see if they could use any revising.

That being said, I don’t necessarily like the idea of creating illusionary goals that feel disconnected from where we are in this moment. I’d rather change my internal chemistry to believe that I am the type of person who caries out said goals, first.

Easier said than done, but let’s not underestimate the power of our own minds and the simplicity of utilizing them when we get out of our own way (do you hear that, self?!)

The vision board itself may not change our chemistry, but the habit of immersing ourselves into them regularly, can.

Try to stay in a place of imagination and “feelings” throughout this whole practice.




First and foremost, there will be time for giving, donating, and world-saving. I know this community is ALL about that. But for now, focus on you. I know how weird that can feel as women, wives, and mothers. But here’s the thing…when we fully and unconditionally love and honor ourselves, and our wants and needs, we can love on others even harder.

You may be the type of soul that is truly fulfilled in the deepest way by providing for others, that’s perfect, too.

Ok, so, start with a pen and a piece of paper. Take a quick moment to write down what you want, and I mean reallllly want, without limits — like to be able to take vacations every month…by private jet. Or to have strong relationships with incredible and inspiring women. Maybe it’s to start a family. Or maybe a beach house as a second home. Children, cars, relationships, money, books, education, business, you name it. Nothing is off-limits.

For this part, try not to think about the “how”, just think about what you want, and feel it in your bones.

Now, what is the reason you want these things? Is it because you value the freedom to do and go where you want when you want? Is it because you know you feel your best when you’re in nature? It is because you crave personal growth? Or maybe because providing everything and more for your family is your greatest wish?

Maybe it’s just because you love having money to spend. THAT’S OK. There are no wrong answers. Do your best to stay neutral about this why (no guilt!). Your “why” is perfect just as it is and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

After feeling the why you may want to go back and write down a few more “whats” to round it out.




Alright creatives, this is the fuuuun part…time to build a vision board!

Gather your old magazines, hit up Pinterest, and image search on Google. Find the house, the trailer, and the jet. Find images that make you feel something in your gut when you see them–a woman holding tons of cash, friends deeply connecting, someone spending time with the earth!

There’s a lot of talk out there about specificity and crystal clarity. I don’t get caught up in it. Things change, they flow, and they grow! Intentionality is all we really have, so if you feel it and see it and believe it, that’s all that matters.

I personally enjoy creating digital vision boards so that I can keep copies of it everywhere. You can print them, use them as your desktop background and as your phone wallpaper. My favorite tool for this is Canva, and I like to keep it simple with one of their premade grid layouts. You can upload photos or pick from their own library.

You can also make the traditional vision board collage with cutouts and such — and you can always take a picture of it to be uploaded everywhere mentioned above!




Making the vision board itself will begin to change your trajectory, but using it as a source of inspiration, visualization and meditation can get you a lot further, faster.

Take a moment every day to breathe into a place of peace and imagine yourself partaking in the visions on your board.


Feel the softness of the couch cushions in your vacation home as the summer sun comes peeking through the stained glass windows. Feel that dip in your belly as the jet takes off on your way to Tahoe. Feel the warmth of your strong and loving relationships.




If this all feels like a lot, like too much to think about it — then don’t think about it.

Just do it.

Start collecting pictures and dreaming big dreams and put them all together. The rest will follow.


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