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How To Choose Dry Wipes

How To Choose Dry Wipes

When it comes to selecting the best dry wipes for your lifestyle, making the right choice may seem complicated. Here, we break it down to your specific needs for softness, absorbency, and sustainability.

How to Choose Dry Wipes:

Organic Sheet Dry Wipes vs Wild & Pure Dry Wipe Rolls

At Wild & Pure, we offer two outstanding options: Organic Cotton Sheet Dry Wipes and Wild & Pure Roll Dry Wipes. Here’s a closer look at each to help you make an informed choice.

2 packs Nest Design dry wipes with EcoBalance Cleanser travel foam

Organic Cotton Sheet Dry Wipes

These wipes excel when a gentle touch is needed, such as face washing and light toileting. Incredibly soft and gentle, they are perfect for newborns, those with fragile skin, and sensitive areas.

Compact and easy to carry, Organic Cotton Sheet Dry Wipes are great for travel and daily adventures. Their small size makes them a handy addition to any diaper bag or purse. These wipes also compress down the smallest after use, making them our go-to for Leave No Trace outdoor adventures (when packing out waste is needed).

While they are less absorbent than our other options, they are perfect for light use. This makes them ideal for quick clean-ups and gentle tasks. They can be hand-rinsed for reuse, adding an extra layer of convenience.

Made from unbleached organic cotton, these wipes are biodegradable and sustainably produced in China with a well-traced supply line, ensuring environmental responsibility.


4 rolls of Wild & Pure dry wipes

Wild & Pure Roll Dry Wipes

These dry wipes have a waffle texture and are highly absorbent, making them perfect for more demanding tasks. Their superior absorbency makes them highly effective and incredibly versatile, suitable for use as paper towels, washcloths, and for travel clean-ups. Their utility extends beyond just body care, making them a household staple.

Designed for multiple uses, these wipes can be machine washed and dried several times. Their durability ensures that they can withstand the rigors of frequent use.

Made in the USA from a blend of repurposed cloth and mechanically sorted, unbleached cotton. Wild & Pure Roll Dry Wipes are both eco-friendly and home-compostable, supporting a sustainable lifestyle.



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Bonus Option: Printed Flannel Cloth Wipes

For anyone seeking a reusable option, our ultra-durable printed flannel cloth wipes are a fantastic choice. These wipes are washable and reusable hundreds of times, making them incredible for long-term use.

Ideal for bathroom wiping with a bidet or as a quick-drying washcloth replacement, these wipes are our favorite reusable cloth option for home, travel, and camping. Our grandkids love them too for super-soft, gentle cleanup. Their quick-drying nature and reusability make them a favorite for those who need reliable, sustainable wipes on the go.


Did You Know?

Dr. E tested many types of dry and cloth wipes to find the perfect match for our Wild and Pure EcoBalance Cleansers. The sustainable wipes in our collection were all created by moms who wanted to optimize their families’ daily routines with eco-friendly options.

No matter which wipe you choose it will complement our cleansers and be a great choice for living sustainably.

Dry Wipes with EcoBalance Cleanser are

  1. Perfect for Daily Adventures: Ideal for keeping clean and fresh during daily activities without plastic containers or harmful ingredients.
  2. Great for Busy Days: Whether you spill something in the rush or simply need a refresh, this duo is handy for quick clean-ups at home or on the go.
  3. Essential for Every Outing: Convenient to bring along on any outdoor activity or family outing.
  4. Versatile for Any Situation: Superb functionality from no-sting injury cleanup to odor removal after a day in the sun.
  5. Ideal for Everyday Use: Designed to handle messes big or small with non-irritating softness.


For odor control and microbiome-friendly total body cleansing, our All-Natural EcoBalance Cleanser is ideal for normal to dry skin and hot climate use - with the best odor control. All our cleansers offer soap-free clean-up that can be used with or without a rinse, making them a favorite for diaper care, folks with mobility issues, toilet care, and for routine washing at the sink and in the shower.

Recap: Making The Right Choice

Both dry wipes we carry are biodegradable and sustainable, with the Wild & Pure roll wipes offering a higher absorbency and durability for more demanding uses. Choose based on your specific needs and preferences for softness, absorbency, and sustainability.


Organic Cotton Sheet Wipes

Wild & Pure Roll Dry Wipes

Material Unbleached Organic Cotton 50% Virgin Repurposed Cloth, 50% Unbleached US Cotton
Softness Incredibly soft and gentle, perfect for newborns and sensitive skin Not as soft as Nest wipes, but still comfortable and suitable for most uses
Absorbency Less absorbent, suitable for light use and ideal for newborns Highly absorbent, perfect for toddlers and elder care
Sustainability Made from organic cotton, sustainably sourced and biodegradable Made from repurposed cloth and US cotton, eco-friendly, biodegradable, and home compostable
Reusability Hand-rinsable for reuse, can be used multiple times Machine washable and reusable, can withstand multiple washes
Manufacturing Location Made in China with a well-traced supply line Made in the USA
Versatility Compact and great for travel, suitable for light use Versatile enough for paper towels, washcloths, and various household needs
Eco-Friendly Biodegradable and made from sustainable materials Eco-friendly and sustainable, reducing environmental impact
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