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Men’s Health Week: Discover pH-Balanced Care for Men

Men’s Health Week: Discover pH-Balanced Care for Men

Discover pH-Balanced Care for Men

Lubricating Foam Cleanser
Men just like women, have body surfaces that are healthiest when pH is low and salt levels match the balance in our cells. We invented our EcoBalance Cleansers and Package Protection Lubricating Cleanser using our patent-pending formula to be the right pH around 4.5, with the right salt balance (around 280 mOsmo/kg) to support healthy surfaces including for daily shaving and down-under clean up.
Other products designed for men’s personal care can cause irritation and stinging, in part due to ingredients or chemistry that harms sensitive cells and/or are risky for the environment, including waterways.
In contrast, our cleansers are free from water-way harming HEL-List chemicals, and our Natural version is EWG Verified™ assuring that our ingredients meet the highest standards for safety for you and the environment.


Here are a few of the men’s products that we have evaluated for their balance with human cells, and a list of their ingredients that have been reported to be of possible concern for allergies or irritation.

Ballwash™ pH 6.7 = very high,  Salt Balance 1300 = 4 times healthy
Glycerin, citric acid, phenoxyethanol and others

Every Man Jack® pH = 5.2 high
Sodium benzoate, phenoxyethanol, glycerin, citric acid and others

Nivea® Shave Balm pH = 6.5 high,  Salt Balance 750= 2 times healthy
Glycerin, Added Fragrance, Phenoxyethanol

Cremo® Body Wash
pH 5 = high, Salt Balance 1000 = 3 times healthy
sodium laureth sulfate, glycerin, cocamidopropyl betaine, added fragrance, EDTA and others

Read our FAQ for more information on ingredients reported to increase allergies and cause surface tissue harm.

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