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Discover How Sexual Partners Benefit Each Other’s Health

Discover How Sexual Partners Benefit Each Other’s Health

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How Sexual Partners Benefit Each Other’s Health

Few people, even doctors, know about the mutual health benefits between sexual partners.

In healthy women, over a billion good bacteria, known as Lactobacillus, attach to vaginal cells. These bacteria may not look as striking as some other microorganisms, but they play a crucial role. Each Lactobacillus pumps out a million hydrogen ions per second, maintaining the vagina’s low pH.

These good bacteria continually replenish themselves by dividing. However, to avoid excess acidity, their growth slows when the vaginal pH is lowest, waiting for a trigger to resume growth.

What sparks this growth? Amazingly, semen from a man’s ejaculate after sex! Semen, with its high pH, nourishes sperm cells and optimizes their journey through the cervix, stimulating the good bacteria.

Chart showing Vaginal pH is low at around 4 for women before sex. Then after ejaculation vaginal pH immediate increases to 7. With vaginal pH returning to healthy levels after 12hours.

In studies done by Masters & Johnson and repeated by our group, Vaginal pH is low at around 4 for women before sex. Then after ejaculation vaginal pH immediate increases to 7. With vaginal pH returning to healthy levels after 12hours. 
This effect can be seen for couples having sex every few days, where vaginal pH goes up and comes down following intercourse.

Support Healthy Bacteria with Wild & Pure

Wild & Pure’s EcoBalance Cleansers have the right pH, salt balance, and ingredients to support Lactobacillus and other beneficial bacteria. Our products are patent pending, with unique ingredients and formulas that have been purpose-designed and laboratory tested for their support of the good bacteria that keep us healthy. Choosing Wild & Pure can help optimize the genital environment, and support our good bacteria that protect against imbalances. By understanding these fascinating interactions and choosing the right products, everyone can support and benefit.

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Sourdough Ridge at Ranier

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We are loving supporting WNPF. They provide support for priority park projects like the park’s accessible trails guide and trail maintenance and improvement so that folks of all ages and abilities can get outside to enjoy this mountain, just as our family does! We want to help ensure access for everyone over the next 25 years and beyond, for our great-grandkids and yours.

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