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Healthy Bacteria Insights & Winner Announcement!

Healthy Bacteria Insights & Winner Announcement!

Congratulations to Our Prize Winner!

Thank you to everyone who shared their insights on the words that best represent our Wild & Pure earth-friendly, sustainable, and refillable brand. Our randomly-selected winner from the entries was Joseph P who has been awarded a $100 Wild & Pure gift card!

We will be incorporating the input we received into a word-cloud on our new label for the product line and all of your comments helped us in our upcoming design. We look forward to sharing our new labels with you!

Healthy Bacteria in the Vagina

Understanding the vagina as a self-cleansing organ reveals an intriguing process. Electron microscope images of lactobacillus bacteria and harmful bacteria provide a closer look at this phenomenon, and Dr E walks you through images and what they mean in these two videos:

TikTok video with Dr E showing images of electron microcope images of healthy bacteria in the vagina

Learn more about healthy bacteria with electron microscope images of lactobacillus: Watch Video at TikTok

TikTok video with Dr E showing what's going on in the vagina when there is an infection

See what's going on inside the vagina when there is an infection: Watch Video at TiKTok 

The first image shows purple vaginal cells lined with pink lactobacillus, essential for maintaining an acidic pH in the vagina. These beneficial urogenital bacteria protect the mucosal barrier cells, providing a low pH and anti-inflammatory barrier to disease.

Another image highlights mucous fibers that form a protective coating, keeping the vagina moist and healthy. This mucous is continually shed, carrying away old and harmful bacteria, manifesting as normal secretions.

This scanning electron micrograph shows the net-like mucus hydrogel covering the vaginal mucosal lining, with the natural microbiome of attached bacteria amid these secretions.

Healthy vs. Non-Healthy Bacteria

Examining the vagina during an infection in the second video reveals a stark contrast between healthy and unhealthy bacteria in micrograph images that differentiate these bacteria types. The harmful bacteria disrupt the vaginal environment, shifting it from an acidic, low-inflammation state to a more alkaline, high-inflammation state. This shift can lead to infections and complications, including sexually transmitted infections and problems during pregnancy.

Recognizing Healthy and Normal

When discussing the vagina as a self-cleansing organ, it means that mucous is constantly shed or discharged, carrying with it any bad bacteria and old healthy bacteria. Healthy lactobacillus bacteria stick to the mucous, lining the vagina and keeping it moist and healthy. When this mucous is shed you see normal vaginal secretions. This natural discharge is a normal part of biology. When an infection occurs, harmful bacteria produce inflammatory chemicals that lead to changes in this discharge.

Maintaining a balance of healthy bacteria can prevent infections and ensure overall vaginal health.
We developed EcoBalance Cleansers to have the right pH, the right salt balance, the right ingredients and the right eco-friendly packaging for use across the body. Our patent-pending formulas favor Lactobacillus in laboratory studies. Wild & Pure is gentle enough for everyday use as a Total Body Cleanser anywhere and everywhere you want.
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