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Our Dedication to Mt. Ranier National Park

Our Dedication to Mt. Ranier National Park

Drs E and C backcountry at Mt Ranier National Park
From our Founder, Dr. E:

"I grew up hiking, climbing and backcountry camping on Mt. Rainier - as did my parents, my kids and now my grandkids. I learned how to safely solo backcountry as a woman in this park, which I love, and even named one of my boys after the mountain.

Mount Rainier or "Tahoma" is changing. Below is a photo I took in the 70s, when I was in high school. Above and below the 1970s photo are other photos we have taken on more recent visits to the Park. Although many things are a constant in our visits, sadly these glaciers I love are too rapidly fading. A very exciting change for the better in the park over time has been the improved trail networks and facility access for less physically able folks.
Photo in Mt Ranier National Park in the 1970s
Cleaning up the backcountry camp site
Dr. C and I launched our award-winning, patent-pending Wild & Pure skincare products in 2021 to help all of us ditch plastic wet wipe sheets and toxic personal care products that we used to use in outdoor activities. I was horrified when I learned how harmful the existing products from high-end recreational stores can be to our bodies and planet, even products that are marketed for this purpose. 

Our women-owned Wild & Pure company is starting a matching donation program, funded by your purchases, with proceeds to support projects in Mount Rainier National Park. Washington’s National Park Fund (wnpf.org - Charity Navigator 4-Star, Platinum Transparency) is the official philanthropic partner to Mount Rainier National Park. WNPF provides support for priority park projects like the park’s accessible trails guide and trail maintenance and improvement so that folks of all ages and abilities can get outside to enjoy this mountain, just as our family does!

Through July 1st, 2024, we are matching every unit or item you purchase (at Amazon and wildandpure.com) with a $0.25 (one U.S. quarter) gift to WNPF. 

We want to help ensure access for everyone over the next 25 years and beyond, for my great-grand kids and yours!"

Dr. E
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