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Product Choice & Waste Management Prevents Plastic Pollution

Product Choice & Waste Management Prevents Plastic Pollution

Wild & Pure is partnering with CleanHub to collect 550 pounds of plastic waste this year before it enters the ecosystem! That's equivalent to 27,500 plastic bottles. This program funds collection hubs in India, Indonesia, and Cambodia to intercept waste before it reaches the environment by collecting it directly from households, waterways, and fishermen's bycatch from the ocean.

Wild & Pure committed to recover 550lbs of plastic waste this year

Did you know that traditional wet wipes are made of plastic or synthetic fibers (learn more) such as polyester (polyethylene terephthalate) that cause waterway chemical and microplastic contamination? Globally, we use BILLIONS of wet wipes every year. Wet wipes end up in the ocean, streams, and landfills and clog our septic and wastewater systems. In studies, over half the marine life near wastewater processing sites have microplastics and chemicals from wet wipes in their bodies — and the more contamination the fewer marine life that could survive. Wet wipes are bad for babies, adults, the environment, and our healthy microbiome.

We're on a mission to reduce plastic waste with our products and packaging. Our dry wipes are a reusable, compostable, additive-free alternative to traditional plastic-based wet wipes. When you choose dry wipes or cloth wipes with a “use-as-you-go” product like our EcoBalance Cleansers, you reduce the use of plastic containers and plastic fibers in wet wipes.

Now we're excited to extend our impact with this new CleanHub partnership enabling the safe collection and recovery of ocean-bound plastic waste. CleanHub is the first plastic credit system verified by industry leaders in auditing environmental impact, bringing a new level of transparency and rigor to the plastic credit market.


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